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Good morning!

I have been sleeping in this hotel room and when I wake up, there is a little dried up pee in my panty already. I get out of bed onto the carpet floor, remove the panty and pee onto the carpet.

Mind you this hotel was just built brand new.

I could barely keep my excitement back. I was really totally wet when I pissed on that carpet. You can see that.

Then I stand in the corner next to my bed and pee more onto the carpet. I wanted to spray my pee against the wall, but since it didn't spray, I just sit on the small closet next to the bed and let the pee run down. It hits the carpet again and there is this very soft bed frame. It's covered in upholstery and I want to piss against it.

Squatting at the side of the bed, I hit the upholstery of the bed full on.

It gets reflected a little, I guess no one peed against it before, but my second stream soaks into the soft bedframe. It turns me on so much, what am I doing here?

Look, the carpet is wet, the bed soaked up the pee. I slept so well in this bed, it deserves a treat. So I give it "another shot" and then, as always, I can't stop myself and I get so horny that I piss against the bed again.

There are several stains in the soft cushioned bedframe now and the piss is always partly deflected down and soaking into the carpeted floor.

It's so exciting to watch that I do it yet again. Another stream of pee hits the bed frame and drips to the floor. You can see the stains clearly and I smell how naughty I am.

Wanting more, I piss against the bed again. Always in a different spot, so the bed gets wet stains all around and the carpet too. After giving the bed a naughty soaking, I almost violently piss against the wooden base of the bed, right where it stands on the soft carpet. A full hit and all the piss gets soaked up by the carpet.

There is a mirror getting my attention. I like to watch myself be naughty. It reminds me of how naughty I am and how ashamed I should be for doing these forbidden things, which turns me on even more.

Standing before the mirror, I piss onto the closet there and then smear the piss against the wall.

The wall is partly covered in wood, so I smear piss against the blank white wall but also the wooden wall.

This room is really exclusive and I feel so horny pissing everywhere. I am at the toilet now and piss onto the closed toilet and then just on the floor. Just like that.

Imagine walking naked around a nice hotel room and just peeing wherever you like. Just like that. I step onto the wet toilet and piss into the sink.

The white sink gives you the opportunity to see how yellow my morning pee is. It's really strong and smells. And I just pissed that into the upholstery bed frame.

Now I sit on a wall on top of the toilet and shoot a spraying stream across the closed toilet lid and onto the bathroom floor.

I get down there and piss against the shower doors. At least, I try to but my huge belly is in the way. It's no problem because I need to be checking out anyway.

It's morning and the room service already wanted in to clean my for the next guest. I really have to go.

However, first, I want to enjoy what I did. So we go back into the sleeping room and I show you how much the piss has soaked in already. It's on the walls, the wood, the closets, soaked into the carpet and of course the sides of the cushioned bed frame, where you can see it right away.

I regret a little that my piss was so strong, but that also makes it extra naughty. I sit down on the carpet one more time and piss the rest of my bladder content out into the fabric. Just like that.

I need to get dressed now. See you later, I am out of here!

Okay I admit, I piss onto the carpet yet again because I just couldn't stop myself from pushing out the last urine into this hotel room.

Now I really have to leave!