'Foot play pee date, toes and toenails at your service'

When I tried to film this experience the first time, the sun went down and it got pretty dark ('HD' 'POV under the table foot play pee masturbation shoe play bare feet date with loud hissing peeings').

So here is another interpretation of our first date, where you film underneath the table. Soon my high heels come off and my bare (little dirty) soles and natural toe nails begin exploring you. You will be faced with my feet, soles and toes a lot in this clip.

You have been liking my small feet all along, now you can imagine how I open your zipper, the camera on your lap and once you realize that my bare pussy is right there in the middle of it all, you know where to aim.

Exactly when you think that, my pee hole releases a gusher of sexy piss. Hot urine shoots from my pussy again and again, my high heels are dangling from my feet at that moment, to spare them from the golden rain. I dip them into the big puddle on the floor and stroke you with my wet shoe soles.

But I know what you desire now. I take off the shoes and put my bare feet into the pee. Then I approach you with my bare soles and toes, full of pee. I wet your crotch with my feet and then, since your crotch is all wet anyway, I want you to pee. You can pee on my feet if you like...