'Your sunbathing neighbor is the most pregnant girl ever and she also just wet herself when she suddenly asks you...'

If you want to see me SUPER pregnant in a bikini, this clip is yours. If you want to see me caress my belly from a "gynecologists-angle" while you hear the dark hissing of a voluminous bikini panty wetting, this will excite you. Oh yes. It made me pretty hot in my nipples for some reason. But that's only half the story.

Because that is when I turn around. I would say flat on my belly, but.. haha, that's not possible. I lie there like a lady seal or something. Really helpless.

You see how I want to put the sunscreen on my back but.. no chance with that belly. I reach around and ask you in my sweetest whispering voice if you would be so kind and rub the cream all over my back.

I.. well, I tell you that I am not sure if you noticed that I am pregnant (you did for sure) but remind you to be very careful because of my huge belly.

I take off my bikini so you can access all of my back. Thank you that's really kind of you :) Glad that you are my sunbathing neighbor.

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