'Schoolgirl late and pregnant for class needs to pee but then reveals plastic incontinence pants underneath her short school skirt'

No talking.

Pregnant adult school girl comes to class. As usual, too late and of course she needs to pee again. Since the belly has become that big, she has to go to the toilet all the time.

She goes through her notes not really finding anything, because right, she didn't do her homework. Again.

Instead of .. oh my god!

What is that? She is not going to the toilet?!

Instead, a plastic pant quickly fills up with yellow urine underneath her school girl skirt. Okay it's barely covered at all and she pisses so much that it runs down her thighs.

Not caring about that - after all, she is pregnant so some urine loss is normal - she uses her phone and then stars writing on her essay. Or not.

After she is done emptying her bladder, she asks to use the toilet with a nice smile. She is totally abusing being pregnant to just pee all the time!