'Not again to the toilet, I just go in my bed this time'

Yaawwwnnn :) This belly is so big, it's really putting on the pressure. I wear my cute pink pajamas in my yellow bed. Of course my belly is sticking out of the shirt. I just want to sleep because I am.. yaaawwwnnn.. really tired but this belly just makes me need to pee all the time.

But it's enough. I DON'T want to go to the toilet again! Whatever, toilet, I am not coming to pee into you yet again!

I just pull down my pants and just let it out.. then I EXPLODE and shoot far off my bed.. oops.

I don't care, it such a relief. I can't clean that up now anyway, my belly is too big to bend over. So I just go back into my wet bed. Finally, I can sleep!

Or can I? I am rolling around, unable to find a good position with my belly. My pants get wet from the big stain but.. not only that. My crotch is suddenly showing a spreading stain as well. Warm and cozy between my thighs, the pee is streaming into my pants.

Guess I was not all empty yet. Now I can sleep.

Fast forward to when I wake up (forgot the transition) - glad that I was able to sleep, good morning there! Time to start the day :)