'Diaper pee tests part 2'

Remember my 'HD' 'Diaper pee tests'? I am back with a new, full bladder with pee to tackle that last diaper. It's a brand diaper after all, so let's see how much it can take. I sure am full to the rim so I have a good chance to oversoak it.

First, I undress completely while desperately pee dancing already. I need to pee soo badly. I unpack the diaper and describe what I see on the diaper. Lots of cute stuff. But I need to pee so badly that I just can't hold it much longer. Already squirming, I just put the diaper between my legs and let all the piss stream out.

The warm, yellow stream pours down into the diaper. Fresh from the source, you first hear nothing as the diaper resists my golden nectar. But then a small puddle forms and is fed by my piss stream, getting bigger as the sound of roaring pee fills the basement. After about 20 seconds, the diaper holds a big puddle but can't keep up with my bladder power. It overflows at the sides and I pull it up against my pussy in a effort to decrease the leakage. I stumble a bit backwards, still peeing with the diaper up close against my pussy. My pussy being submerged in the piss so you can't hear the pee for a second. It's so warm around my pussy lips, I get very excited. I pee for about 40 seconds total which makes me feel a bit ashamed. Peeing that long into this small diaper that really had no chance. I blush at the thought of my overwhelming piss stream that just conquered this diaper.

It's an arousing shame. You know me. It's just what turn me on the most about my pee fetish. The test results are obvious, but I explain them while the pee is raining down on me. This brand diaper sucked in less pee and is less heavy. The cheap diaper absorbed much more and faster. Good thing, because I now had a lot of pee inside that brand diaper that I could use for a hot . I pull up the diaper and it's still flowing out at one side. Covering as much of my body as I can, I enjoy the warm pee. I squeeze out every last drop as well and rub the diaper onto my skin.

While I rub the diaper against my skin, still blushing, I explain which diaper I liked best. In the end I throw the diaper to the ground, it makes a heavy sound as it lands. Then I step on it, explaining that it's useless now and that I don't need it anymore.


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