'Waiting in line with you, I have to pee'

Yaaawwwnnn.. it's really nice of you to come with me. I want tickets for this concert so badly but I didn't want to go alone. Thanks for standing in line with me this early in the morning.

Oh and you brought coffee. Amazing. How do all those people do it? When you wake up, you need to pee, right?

They are probably wearing diapers here in the queue. You know what? I really think I can't hold it. The sound from pouring the coffee.. oh I really have to.

Sorry about your coffee, but I don't have any other solution right now. I can't leave this spot in the queue.

Oh god it's leaking... I.. just roll up my dress and piss in your coffee can. Oh no it's overflowing, it's too much pee. Oh my panties are all wet and my shoes!

Well I.. think I.. have to give this can with my piss to you and take care of the cleaning. Sorry. Don't look at me please, I cover my nudity and brush my hair.

Thanks for coming with me to stand in line here. The coffee tastes great, did you already have some? Oh.. I guess you can't try it anymore now.. here, have some of mine.