'Slightly Taboo piss education: Mom is pissed at you and adds some unusual piss punishment to your upbringing'

*Knock knock* I am coming in son, I hope you are finished cleaning your room...

What is this mess? I don't care if these clothes are clean, this is ridiculous. You can't grow up like that. You need to listen to your mom. You are living in my house, so you have to listen to me. It's not that hard. Two words: clean up.

You know what? I lost my patience. I am done with this. Your stuff just lying around. You think your mom is too cute and nice and won't punish you. Well, look at your mom now.

This is it. I pull down my pants and just piss on your laundry. You won't forget this lesson, son. Are these the pants you wanted to wear tonight? Well bad luck, I guess I just pissed a full hot stream of wee on those. What are you saying? You wanted to wear that shirt? This one?

Here you go, a fresh stream of hot piss right onto your shirt and all other clothes you have lying around. This should teach you to clean up and listen to your mom. As all your laundry just turned from clean to dirty laundry, I'll get you a basket to put it in. I guess you won't leave those piss smelling clothes lying around your room. When I am back, you can collect all your clothes and then wash them yourself. You are old enough for that.

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