'Real estate agent woman nonchalantly lets out a powerful piss stream through her pantyhose while guiding you and a group through a house'

The real estate woman explains: "This could be the guest room for example. It's just that extra space that you might need. Feel free to take a look around and ask any questions that you might want to ask"

Meanwhile, she grabs a container from the closet shelf, holds up her skirt (revealing skin colored sheer pantyhose and no panty underneath) and just pisses a full power stream through the fabric.

You say something about it and she nonchalantly replies:

"Oh? Don't worry. The owner is overseas and won't come back for weeks. There is a toilet here of course but I did not want to push you all to the next room. I had to pee now and this was easier for me, so..."

You can't believe that a woman like her exists. excited and flabbergasted, you just say nothing and continue the house inspection.