'Coming home pee wet, poise pad wet, pants wet, pantie wet, wetting more on the toilet its already wet anyways'

Also, I am telling you about where I was and we look at the big stain that I really didn't think was so big when I was out in the city. So I come home at the beginning and I feel that I need to pee badly, but when we check on the toilet we see that everything is just soaked.

I had a poise pad in for the pregnancy dribbles but I didn't think that it would be so much.

Well yes and then I accidentally masturbate on the toilet in my wet panties and cum so good. I slide in two fingers next to my panty easily and I rub my clit in and outside of the panty.

When my lips open you see the glistening lust. That wetting turned me on so much.

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