'Sexy cute nonchalant Kidney nurse just pisses right in front of you into her medical rubber glove until it overflows, ties a knot and goes on as if nothing happened'

Sooo, correct me if I am wrong, but you are saying that you have a fever for 3 days, you are sweating at night and you are feeling cold and hot.

This could be a thing with your kidneys. I have to check your body. Please, open your mouth for me.

Are you feeling very thirsty the past few days?

Talking about drinking, I need a second here.

You go on explaining your sensations and I'll just stay right here and piss full stream into my medical rubber glove until it overflows.*

*She is not saying that, but doing. Right in front of you. Then she goes on as if nothing happened and ties a knot in the glove. Such a sexy nurse