'Sinna directors cut: lazy day bathtub pee adventure short film'

This is a short movie of me sitting on the couch, being lazy and yawning when I need to pee. It's cut in a way that I get up and the next moment I am pulling down my pants in the bathroom. The next moment I pee into the tub with a yellow smelly stream.

Cut to where I show relief, cut to where I shake it off, pull up my panty and make a few wet stains in it.

Then cut to looking into the tub at what I did :)

Another cut and we leave, one more cut sits me back onto the couch and another cut and I say goodbye.

Was fun for me to make and I am looking forward to your feedback. I often hesitate cutting clips because I don't want you to think anything in my clips is fake, so I just put in the whole film and you can see that it's all real and authentic.