'French desperation'

We are in school again. The air is filled with sweat and fear as I am trying to ask in French to be excused to the toilet - teachers demands. I am so under pressure, mostly from my bladder that feels like an inflating balloon in a small box.

My french is as polished as 50 year old car found in a forgotten barn and the teacher is just not letting me go until I used the correct words.

This is almost torture. I cross my legs and hold my crotch as I make mistake after mistake - because I just can't think straight with a bladder full up to my throat - at least it feels like that.

My legs are shaking like branches in the wind although my tiny school uniform skirt and the knee high socks cover most of my legs. While I still try some way to express myself in French, I bounce vigorously with my legs and then I get to the point where I just can't try any longer.

I step onto my desk and use my best french to explain the next action: I slide my underwear aside and just piss onto my desk and French papers so much. A huge relief, like a dam bursting and creating a new lake.

While the drops of urine hitting the floor create a nice rhythm, I conclude with my French talking as if.. well, forget it. The room smells like pee and the humidity has risen within the past few minutes it seems.

I hope your French is better than mine. The language that is.

My sexy outfit , especially the socks and ballet flats came a little short in the clip so I spend the last minutes focusing on that. The thin fabric of the ballet flats has soaked up so much pee that they are like wet toilet paper now. Very soft and flexible. And flat. I bend and twist them with my sock covered, pee-wet feet.

You can buy the clip to really see a naughty girl in French class, especially me talking french during toilet desperation.