'Follow the pee footprints' (AVI)

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Imagine you come into my house and I say 'Go on to the living room, I will be there shortly'. You get to the couch and notice a big yellow puddle on the floor. There are two sneakers, totally soaked, standing in it. You look a bit further and see human footprints that seem to be made of that shiny yellow liquid. It smells a bit like... urine. All of a sudden it hits you and you feel your cock responding. A little at first, but then you think: 'why would she want me to find this mess?' and you realize: 'she wants me to follow her footprints'. And you follow the shiny footsteps, smelling the pee and seeing the fresh yellow hot pee and you know, an adventure of pee lies ahead... This clip was made in the series of wetting the couch and re-wetting on the couch. You see me diligently stepping into the big pee pee puddle I made in the first clip of the series and then printing foootsteps with my bare soles (which I also show wet with pee) on my stone floor. They shiny in the light and look very nice.
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