'Diaper pee tests' (WMV)

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Welcome to my diaper test run. I got three different diapers. A brand diaper, a swim diaper and a no name diaper. These are childrens diapers, so I will hold them up and pee into them to see how much they can absorb. Oh look at my belly. It's so big :)

The swim diaper does not do very well. It does not really suck up the pee. I guess it's not meant to absorb pee, rather to keep pee out. Or maybe keep number 2 in.

I go on to a cute diaper with tiny cartoons on it. I describe it and then hold it against my pussy. I pee and pee so much and nothing is leaking for a while. Then you hear faint dripping, but it's pretty safe. I show you how much piss is inside the diaper. It's very yellow and heavy. I smell it and also offer you a smell. Smells good, right?

Because this diaper held up against nearly all of my bladder content, I will have to drink and save up pee before I can test the third diaper. So I will have to make a part 2 of this. What is left for me is playing with the diaper and pee.

I hold up the diaper and squeeze it, to treat myself to a from the diaper. The first drops make me double sneeze :) Good thing my bladder was empty already. I continue my warm piss shower (it really feels great) until the diaper is not releasing anymore piss.

Then I rub the diaper on my pussy and ass, belly, hips and breasts and tease you a little. Sorry for the tease, but there will be a part 2 ;)

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