'Incredibly huge pregnant 9 month belly pushing on my bladder, holding as long as I can, very yellow smelly pee'

I am sitting here, drinking lots of tea. Oh yes, my belly is extremely huge. It looks really amazing. People ask me about it all the time since it's so much more bigger than other pregnant women's. I really stand out, literally :)

Anyway, I finish my 4th big cup of water in a short time. I squat so my belly can rest on my thighs. But now I get up and all the pressure is on my bladder.

I stand up and the pee dribbles out. I am still holding it back though. I try to stop it. Don't want to lose that struggle yet.

A few drops come out but I can still hold it. I even manage to stop dribbling, but shortly after I leak more. That pee dripping down makes me need to pee sooo much.

Totally yellow morning pee is forcing it's way through my peehole. I still try to resist but eventually it comes out. Look at that, my bladder is empty but my belly is still as huge.

The pee smells in my bathroom. I think I need to turn off the camera and sit down before I collapse.. wait, I could just dip my bare foot into the pee once...