'Very friendly bank clerk sexy pantyhose business attire woman just unbottoms and uses her trash can as a full on toilet during your account issue conversation as if its normal'

Good afternoon sir, thank you for coming over this fast. I wanted to talk to you about your current situation, because things on your end have changed. Our bank lent you money...

Let me just log in. Your name and date of birth please. Oh yes, now I see it. The problem is the income that we wrote down here is not the same as what is coming in on your account.

As long as your account is covered that is okay, but if not, we have to make sure that money is coming in.

You lost your job? Are you looking for another job?

Oh this is really bad timing but please go on explaining while I just ..

*she keeps talking to you but in the meanwhile, a grotesque scene evolves. She rolls down her pantyhose, lifts her skirt and then takes down her panty while giving your advice about handling the bank complaints that will follow.

She takes the bin and sits on it, right in front of you, and pisses into the trash can with a very loud hissing noise and relaxed relief expression on her face.

During the conversation. As if it's totally normal. Unbelievable. And she is so nice? Such a nice clerk. And she looks good as well. What kind of a woman might she be in private?